This beautiful 58 Impala won Low Rider of The Year 3 years in a row, 2008 - 2009 - 2010.   There is so much detail on this ride that you could look at it several times and still find something you didn't see or notice the last time you looked at it.  Although our shop was responsible for the color scheme, paint, and graphics and played a significant part in designing many of the intricate details on the car we can't take full credit for it all.  The car  has some of the most detailed customized pieces which were crafted and perfected by Chris himself "C & C Customs".  The mural work on the paint job was done by Sammy de Leone.  Pin striping and silver leafing were done by Rory, Angelo and Ralph Finley.

Not only did this beatufil ride get featured in Low Rider & Lay it Low magazines
it was also featured on the hit show "Living The Low Life" on Speed TV.